Meet Jen Moore

Charmer.                                                                                 Dessert lover.                                                                                  Caretaker.

When you think about what you want in your esthetician, authentic passion and commitment is no small order. Jenifer delivers both, happily. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be exactly where they want to be, but Jenifer decided to give her destiny a nudge. “I love skin. I always have. So much so that I dropped what I was doing midlife, went back to school and changed professional direction. This is exactly what I should be doing.”

Ex • foli • ate Skin and Wax honors aging gracefully. While the passage of years is inevitable, it’s Jenifer’s job to help repair the damage we inevitably incur and help slow down the aging process. Whether it’s the house favorite Custom Enzyme Facial or her personal favorite to provide – Rewind the Time Treatment Series, clients leave Jenifer HAPPY. Estheticians get used to hearing clients say pretty nice things but sometimes the compliments are “really” good. When asked what her favorite compliment ever is, Jenifer shares that it’s a tie between “My skin looks better than it did 10 years ago” and “My skin looked so good, even my husband noticed!”

Trends and fast moving changes are the norm in the professional esthetics industry, but that doesn’t mean that a. every pro stays on top of them, or b. they know how to customize them to best meet their clients needs. One of those changes is the progression of phenomenal organic products in the treatment room.

“Not only have organic products become far more popular, they’re fast becoming mainstream.
Clients adore them and the quality and efficacy continues to improve by leaps and bounds.”

While every single one of Jenifer’s clients receives the same stellar customer service and personal touch, they also receive individualized treatment when it comes to their skin health needs. She balances these demands with high performance resurfacing modalities and nourishing organic products to achieve beautiful results. Results you can expect at every             Ex • foli • ate Skin and Spa appointment.

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